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Mr Pisa Gelato - Gelato

Flavourful, rich and creamy, and health-conscious too?

Gelato is considered a healthy dessert for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is it's made from natural ingredients. From fresh hazelnuts and pistachios to the milk and water, gelato contains ingredients that are all found in nature.

Each ingredient in gelato contributes to its overall nutritional value. While the nutritional content of every cone or cup of gelato consumed isn't always the same, here are a few health facts about gelato.

  • Gelato is both lower in fat and calories compared to traditional ice cream. In the Australia, ice cream is generally made with cream, and is classified by its butterfat content (10% - 12%). Gelato is made from milk & water, which accounts for a lesser percentage of butterfat (5%-8%) and therefore lower in calories and fat
  • Gelato, especially when made with milk and/or nuts, contains a high amount of protein, which is needed daily in the human diet
  • Gelato also contains a high number of vitamins. Fruit sorbets tend to have a higher amount of vitamins in them, but even cream flavors made from milk contain essential vitamins.
  • Because gelato is made from milk, it a great source of calcium for non-milk drinkers.
  • Many gelato makers today also offer other wellness options.

In today's fast-paced world, gelato has proven an adequate meal replacement because of its many health properties. In Italy, gelato is something consumed at all times of the day.

The high amounts of protein in gelato have made gelato a desirable food for athletes, especially those on a strict regiment as it allows for a non-diet breaking healthy indulgence.