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Mr Pisa | GelatoWhat is Gelato?

Mr Pisa Gelato - Gelato

Gelato is an authentic Italian frozen dessert that is loved by Italians & Australians alike.

Mr Pisa Gelato only uses real fresh fruit, nuts, chocolates, fresh milk and cream - no syrups, no artificial colours and no artificial flavouring.

We simply don't believe in processed junk with long chemical names, just health friendly, whole foods.

This is the the Mr Pisa difference!

Gelato is also very different from ice-cream - in so many ways it's worth pointing out - for your taste buds and your health.

Mr Pisa | GelatoGelato - vs -Ice-Cream

Looks Very Different

Gelato is handcrafted fresh daily using only natural ingredients and market fresh fruit. Unlike ice cream that could be produced days or even weeks in advance.

That’s why Mr Pisa Gelato looks so fresh and creamy compared to ice-cream.

Tastes Very Different

By its very nature, Gelato has a richer, smoother mouth feel, delivering the intense pleasure of whole milk and the real flavour of fresh fruit without added fat. Ice-cream on the other hand being richer in fat and sugar has weaker flavour because the fat does not allow the flavours of other ingredients through. Ice cream is also harder and colder in your mouth.

Both Have Very Different Ingredients

Mr Pisa Gelato is made with the best natural and seasonal ingredients we can source. Ice cream on the other hand is made to last for days or even weeks on the shelf. (We shudder to think what goes into them to make them last that long) And the same Ice-cream is served for days until the box is empty.

Are Made Very Differently

At Mr Pisa we believe that it is the people that make the difference. Our gelato is hand crafted in small batches using whole milk, cream and a variety of natural fruits and ingredients to flavour it. Ice cream is produced in large quantities using anonymous machines and industrially pre-mixed ingredients.

Are Served Differently

Mr Pisa Gelato can be served using a spatula. Ice-Cream being less smooth and harder can’t be easily “spatulated”. That’s why Ice-Cream is generally scooped in balls.

Are Priced Differently

(Actually, they SHOULD BE priced differently)

It is an uphill task to offer such a high quality unique product at prices that are aligned with our competitors when our costs of production are so much higher than theirs but understand what Mr Pisa Gelato stands for and you will understand that we deliver on the balance of delivering a healthy product that sustains the environment without compromising on quality.

And since you have read this far

You now know “what you are paying for” when buying an Mr Pisa gelato. The question is now what are you really paying for, when buying an Ice-Cream?

Gelato is a specific category of product, but do have a care when you dig into that scoop. Think for a moment, there is Gelato and then there is Mr Pisa Gelato.

Our Gelato is made according to our unique Mr Pisa philosophy. A rare philosophy that goes back in history to the oldest traditions and recipes of Italy in tandem with the modern outlook. We cannot guarantee this for other Gelato players in the market.